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Have you ever tried to purchase handcrafted shoes at some point in the past? Did you notice how much they differ from the mass-produced variety? Many people believe that the defining factor between them is the quality that handcrafted shoes (or any handcrafted item at all) are believed to embody; which they find lacking in shoes that come off an assembly line. But, you may have noticed that although this image is common knowledge, many people still go for the allegedly poor-quality mass-produced shoes, instead of going for the higher quality handcrafted variety. Well, this is all because of their cost. Yes, the handcrafted shoes cost a lot! Apart from the cost of making these shoes that are charged by the artisans, the cost of transporting them from their location of production to your location, along with the profit of the middle man would add up to make the final price tag of the handcrafted shoes. So, if you want to get your handcrafted shoes for cheap, you have to go get them from the artisans themselves, and most of these individuals are living in countries like Italy that are known for their high-quality footwear. However, some footwear manufacturers have seen the plight that their customers go through, and they have taken it upon themselves to personally bring these handcrafted shoes to their customers, eliminating the need for a middle man, and a middle man’s profit. And one of such footwear manufacturers is Scarosso. Do you want to know more about the quality of the footwear that is made by the company? If yes, then we suggest you read an independent customer review of Scarosso here to get started.

About Scarosso
Scarosso was founded in 2010 and offers handcrafted Italian shoes for both the male and the female folk. The bespoke footwear sold by Scarosso are declared to be uncompromising in quality and are sold at post-luxury prices to all their customers. Moritz Offeney, and Marco Reiter founded Scarosso, and they did so in a bid to combine traditional shoemaking techniques with modern innovations to produce timeless pieces that would be suitable for every occasion.

Products, and Services of Scarosso
Timeless high-class footwears are usually displayed in the footwear stores, and boutiques of Montegranaro, Italy, and some of these artisans that make these shoes are the same people that are hired by large fashion houses to make their shoes for them. As such, Scarosso has taken it upon themselves to retail these shoes to their customers at the same price that they would have bought them if they were to be resident in Montegranaro. Apart from casual footwear such as sneakers, Scarosso also offers their customers a wide range of loafers, Chelsea boots, sandals, Oxfords, and other smart shoes for both males and females. Accompanying the shoes are accessories such as belts, shoelaces, and shoe care products. Scarosso ships their products worldwide, and they offer free deliveries and returns for all orders that are above $200.

Compliments, complaints, and tips for Scarosso
When you received your handcrafted shoes from Scarosso, were you satisfied with the purchase? Would you recommend that other individuals go through the experience of shopping from Scarosso? We would love your feedback to contain an unbiased review of the quality of their footwear, along with any suggestions that would be of help to Scarosso.