What is the cheapest Samsung tv Black Friday deal 2022?

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of televisions in the world. They make various small and large TVs with various digital features. You're in luck if you're looking for a cheap Samsung TV deal this Black Friday. This article will find a few of the best deals on Samsung TVs while also helping you find electronics reviews to make the right purchasing decision. Whether you're looking for a 4K Ultra HD model or something more budget-friendly, ReviewsBird.co.uk offers this blog post as a way for everyone to find something.

What Makes Samsung A Good TV Brand To consider Buying from?

Regarding TV brands, Samsung is one of the most popular names on the market. But what makes this brand a good choice for your next purchase? For starters, Samsung offers a wide range of online shopping options, making it easy to find a good TV to fit your space and budget. Additionally, Samsung TVs are often available at competitive prices - especially during Black Friday sales at retailers like Currys or Argos. Finally, Samsung TVs boast cutting-edge features and technology, ensuring you'll always have the latest and greatest in-home entertainment.

Different TV Size Models Offered by Samsung

Samsung offers a range of TV Size models, with various designs and digital features to match.

Samsung 40 inch Smart TV

The 40” N5300 Series Flat Smart Fulls HD TV comes with an Ultra Clean View, PurColour, and the content Sync & Share feature.

Samsung 43 inch Smart TV

The Samsung 43” NU7100 smart 4K UHD TV offers a real 4K UHD resolution experience, a slim design, and Content Sync & Share.

Samsung 55 inch TV

The Samsung AU7100 65” UHD LED 4K smart TV (2021), which you'll find during the Currys Black Friday sale, offers a smart 4K experience, fine-tuned colour for a vibrant and lifelike picture, and a clean cable solution with the 3-Bezelless design for a minimalistic style.

Samsung 65 Inch TV

Finally, the Samsung 65” RU7100 Flat Smart 4K UHD TV comes with Bluetooth / Wi-Fi, a UHD processor, a slim design, a smart hub & one remote control function.

Predicted Samsung TV Black Friday deals for 2022

While there are likely far too many particular models to keep track of, a few broad series do jump out, giving us a glimpse of what Black Friday Samsung TV sales may look like in 2022 when online shopping. Let's begin with the brand-new NeoQLED televisions. The flagship 4K model from Samsung, the QN95B Neo QLED 55”, is already seeing some juicy discounts of £1,899 or more, and that trend is expected to continue now that the TV is a few months old.

Taking it up a level, the QN900B(65-inch), the new flagship 8K NeoQLED model, has also witnessed a gradual price decline: originally priced at over £4489 and repriced for around £2499 for Argos Black Friday in recent months, so anticipate it to receive a substantial discount in 2022. So, for example, a 2020 Crystal 4K TV might be a fantastic candidate for excellent bargains in the midrange to entry-level TV market, falling just below Samsung's premium-level displays. In addition, even at their regular rates, the Samsung Smart TV TU7000 models provide a good blend of quality and value. However, you shouldn't be shocked to see a 65-inch model in this price bracket drop below £449, offering fantastic, wall-filling value.


Just as they were for the black FridayTV deals 2021, Samsung will be one of the most popular brands for unbelievable discounts for Black Friday 2021. However, it’s important to remember to read some Black Friday TV deals reviews before you buy any TVs from unknown retailers. That way, you can be sure that you are getting a good deal and a quality product.

By Callan