Is Nike bag suitable for school?

The ambivalence many people have in shopping for School bags from a shoe store is understandable. But many reviews from review sites such as suggest that the more durable and longer-lasting school backpacks are made from similar materials as shoes. In addition, designer shoe brands such as Nike make school bags versatile and strong. Furthermore, there are Vans school bags and Adidas school bags available through Online shopping; if anyone ever mocks a shoe company for selling school bags. If you think about it, the best people to produce a good sports bag would be a sports store, right?

Is Nike a good school bag brand?

Yes, it is. There are three different kinds of Nike school bags to choose from because they assist in various uses, such as carrying books, sportswear as suggested by companies such as A and a sports and Tlc sport, or both.

1. Nike shoe box bag

The Nike shoe box bag has been designed to carry up to twelve litres. It's made with durable materials to ensure longevity which most scholars need. Furthermore, it has a removable cross-body strap and flap opening, like a shoebox. But the one thing that sets this bag apart is the inside zipper for storing earphones or an extra pair of laces.

2. Nike air backpack

As the name suggests, this school bag is very roomy, with a big dual main compartment. In addition, it holds a padded laptop section and a front organiser pocket and even has a ventilation back panel. Hypothetically, this bag is suitable for two teenage boys: one who throws his stinky gym socks in his bag after physical education or the other that utilises the space for all his sporting equipment, as recommended by the sports edit, because he is serious about the game.

3. Nike elemental backpack

The basic idea of this backpack is to keep all the classic features of a backpack and put a modern twist on it. Therefore, this design is more suited to be a girls' backpack as it has a capacity of 20 litres with dual spacious compartments. And to keep it modern, the bag's versatility includes adjustable shoulder straps to offer comfortability whether the bag is used for school or gyming.

Nike school bags for girls

Furthermore, the Nike school bag ranges have been designed separately to cater to the female and male clientele. For girls, Nike created a compact backpack with lots of space for small essential items such as lipstick and hair accessories, a book or two and even your sportswear. In addition, the colour range is calm and cute because girls gain popularity when their bags are adorable.

Nike school bags for boys

Additionally, a boy's bag includes a small to medium size that can fit from smaller items like pencils and erasers to bigger ones like a PE starter kit, books and some games or gadgets. The reason why the bag has more space is to allow for extra sportswear or equipment.

Nike air school bags

To elaborate on the Nike air school bags, it is the more popular choice amongst the ranges on offer. It is durable, provides comfortability and has a longer life span, and looks amazing with a big Jordan Air logo on the front. Furthermore, the bag also comes with water bottle compartments on the side.


In conclusion, a kid's backpack is a sacred item, so why won't they opt for the designer brands and be the cool kid at school? But, it’s good to be informed about a product before purchasing.

By Callan