What Kind of Hot Tub Floor Mat Should You Get?

Floor mats are an increasingly important part of homes world wide. Just like rugs, they come in different types and serve different purposes and can be placed in just about any room in the home. They are usually placed at the front door but due to their versatility they can be useful in kitchens and bedrooms; there are even floor mats for hot tubs.

Hot tub floor mats are important for a lot of reasons. When you use a hot tub, lots of water gets out and stands on the floor and if your tub is indoors it will not evaporate quickly. Standing water can do damage to your floors and could also make the floors slippery, causing risk of accidents.

Preventing these two scenarios are the primary uses of hot tub floor mats. But which kind of floor mats are best to help you keep your hot tub safe, clean and dry?

Before we begin, check out shopping experiences from other customers before making a final choice on floor mats to buy for your home.

Why should I get waterproof mats

Waterproof mats are great for hot tubs. Like we said, while bathing in your tub, water spills over and unless your floors have good drainage or the tub is outside, the water stays stagnant on the floor and can lead to molds and mildew. Getting a waterproof hot tub floor mat round the hot tub keeps the floor dry and reduces the chances of fungi or mildew growing around the tub.

You can get waterproof mats from reliable brands like inside-out living.

Why should I get heated floor mats?

Heated floor mats are making waves on the market as they provide homeowners with a subtle and effective alternative to thermostats. Heated floor mats go great with hot tubs. They provide extra heating for the room so you remain warm even after leaving the tub; they are commonly used for this reason at spas. They also help with the fungi and mildew problem, as the heat from the mats help dry up any spilled water from the tubs. This ensures your bathroom floors are dry at all times.

Why should I get interlocking floor mats?

Interlocking floor mats are also popular because they offer both aesthetic and functional value. They are made of sturdy material so it's hard for water to penetrate through them, making them make-shift water resistant mats for your floor. They are also great at being protective by ensuring water and dirt doesn't touch your floors. Their material also makes them non-slip mats; this means that they grip firmly to the floor and don't slide easily, reducing the risk of bathroom accidents.


No matter the type you choose, it's undeniable that floor mats are essential for your hut tub. They protect your floors from stagnant water and growth which prevents damage and potential accidents. These are the best options for you but you could also go with inflatable hot tub floor mats or any other mat that suits your needs.

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By Mo