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Hello Klean

Any water with a high mineral content is considered to be "Hard Water". If it doesn't have high mineral content, then the reverse is the case - Soft Water. The hard water is formed when water travels through a deposit of chalk, gypsum or limestone largely made up of magnesium and calcium carbonates, sulfates and bicarbonates. Hard water can lead to irritation and dryness of the skin and scalp. It weighs the human hair down and to some extent discolours it due to a process known as oxidation. The act of bathing is a daily task for every human. So it is essential to have soft water for such task that occurs regularly in our lives. The water in most areas of Germany is considered to be hard water with high amounts of minerals. Our skin is precious and delicate, it should be handled with care and pampered. Sadly, those hard water are not friendly to our skins. This is where a company called Hello Klean comes in. They claim to provide a solution for the country's residents to have clean water for their daily task. But if you're wary about the company, read the customer reviews and opinions about Hello Klean products and services and then decide for yourself.

About Hello Klean
Hello Klean is an online-based company founded in 2019 by Karlee and Omer in Berlin, Germany. The company's idea was brought about due to the country's hard water woes. Hello Klean assert that they believe that unwanted chemicals, harsh water and icky buildup shouldn't have a place in human's daily routines, smarter cleaning and not harsher products. They manufacture water filter and industrial screening products which eliminates harmful elements and particles in bathing water. They maintain that by producing multi-functional shower essentials that get rids of impurities from the hair and skin, their clients' beauty routine can have a clean slate.

Products and Services of Hello Klean
Hello Klean product line includes Shower Filter, Clarifying Scalp Soak, Shower Kit, Exfoliating Scalp Brush and Refill Capsule. The Shower filter is tasked with filtering harmful elements like chlorine inside the bathing water and prevents hair and skin problems for the customer. Hello Klean products come in three phases. The first one is a 'subscription trial', the second one is 'shower filter', and the third one is the Klean refill capsule only. Hello Klean offers clients within Germany free delivery for orders above €30. Every product on the Hello Klean store is covered by the company's 30 days return policy. The company claims that they do not accept a refund once the customer fails to return the item within 30 days after delivery.

Compliments, Complaints and Tips for Hello Klean
Does Hello Klean's product filter your water? Which of their products did you purchase? Was delivery stress-free and how long did you have to wait for it? How long have you been using Hello Klean's Shower Filter? From your experience with the company, would you still recommend their products and services to anyone? How would you rate Hello Klean's customer service? Let us know your feedback about Hello Klean, it helps as a guide for aspiring clients to make a well-informed purchase decision.