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Chinti and Parker

Are you aware that cashmere is a much better cold-resistant clothing than your regular wool-produced clothing? Acquired from the Mongolian goats, cashmere is a luxury clothing material that is favoured not only because of its excellent cold-resistant properties, but also because of its natural lightness, and the softness of the clothing that is produced from it. As such, most men, and women prefer cashmere for their knitwear than they do any other type of clothing. However, this increased demand is reflecting negatively on the innocent goats who dearly need their coats for the harsh winters over there. The reason is that a good deal of cashmere clothing manufacturers shear their goats both during the summer, and during the winter; leading to the goats possessing only a thin coat for the winter, and many of them not surviving past it. And in the end, lots of goats are inadvertently killed each year, to satisfy the rising desire for this luxury material, and ultimately fuelling its cost with each reduction in the available goats. Hence, many animal rights organizations are trying to get these cloth manufacturers to shear these goats in a way that doesn’t endanger their lives. So, if you want to satisfy your cashmere craving, but are prepared to only shop from those clothing manufacturers that would not endanger the lives of these poor goats, then Chinti and Parker might be able to fulfil your desires. You should read the honest customer review of Chinti and Parker here before visiting their website.

About Chinti and Parker
Founded in 2009 by Racheal Wood, and Anna Singh; Chinti and Parker is a company that claims to be interested in manufacturing and retailing knitwear. The company claims its clothing pieces are designed for the female folk and are aimed at invigorating the wardrobes of women with selections that are not only timeless in their quality but also comprises a joyful texture. Founded in London, Chinti and Parker maintain that their products are not only made with impeccable craftsmanship but are also said to use time-honoured knitwear techniques.

Products, and services of Chinti and Parker
Chinti and Parker offer a large pool of clothing to choose from, containing garments that are made from cashmere, merino wool, and other fine cotton variants; all acquired sustainably. Although sustainability was not in any way enforced during the inception of Chinti and Parker, they decided that it was an ethical value that they had to make a core of their business. In a bid to aid transparency in their business, and show that their sustainable practices, Chinti and Parker declares that four goats are used to yield the cashmere for only one of their clothing. They aver that the goats naturally shed their coats in milder climates, and thus, their goat herders rub them down to collect the topcoat, without bringing any harm to the protective undercoat of the goats. Chinti and Parker also offer clothing selection such as seasonal sweaters, loungewear, regular cardigans, and T-shirts, as well as other cashmere clothing pieces and accessories. Chinti and Parker deliver their products worldwide, and they also offer a 14-day return policy on them.

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