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Apollo Neuro

Any change in the environment that causes the body to respond and adjust is referred to as stress. Physical, mental, and emotional responses are produced by the body in reaction to these changes. Stress is an unavoidable component of everyday living. Many events that occur to people and others around them, as well as many activities that people do themselves, cause stress in their bodies. The environment, body, and people's thoughts can all contribute to good or negative stress. The human body is built to cope with and respond to stress. When a person is faced with constant trials with no respite or relaxation in between, stress becomes negative ("distress"). As a result, the person becomes overworked and suffers from stress-related discomfort. Physical symptoms of stress include headaches, stomachaches, high blood pressure, chest pain, and difficulty in sleeping. Stress has also been linked to the onset or worsening of some symptoms or diseases, according to research. Thanks to technology, there are some gadgets designed by companies to reduce stress. Buying those gadgets may be people's best bet. Apollo Neuro is a company that specializes in creating wearables for reducing stress. But how would you rate the effectiveness of their products? Do they offer worldwide shipping? Is it true that their products have been approved by the appropriate authorities? Is their website equipped with Visa or other safe payment options? We can't say for sure, but you can find suitable answers to your questions by reading honest customer reviews of  Apollo Neuro dropped here by their real customers.

About Apollo Neuro
Apollo Neuro is a company that offers Apollo, a stress-relieving wearable that uses moderate vibrations to aid in stress recovery. Dr David Rabin, MD, PhD, and his wife, Kathryn Fantauzzi, co-founded Apollo Neuro. Dr Rabin is a neuroscientist and board-certified. The company psychiatrist specializes in the treatmentof chronic stress. Kathryn, Apollo's CEO claims to be an expert at taking discoveries from the lab to the real world. The company founder began his research on what would become Apollo in 2014 at the University of Pittsburgh and after trials in both the lab and in the real world,  the company decided to bring Apollo out of the lab and into the lives of anyone looking for a non-habit forming and safe way to take control of their health. The firm emphasizes that Apollo have been designed to make customers feel better, sleep better, and reclaim their identity. The organization claims to use scientifically sound, wearable touch treatment to strengthen its body's resilience to stress. They also opine that Apollo is a drug-free, stress-relieving aid for adults and children. “Apollo Neuro teaches one’s body to recover from stress more rapidly, allowing them to relax, sleep better, and focus deeply and mindfully” – claims a statement from the company’s official website.

Products and services of Apollo Neuro
Apollo Neuro offers Apollo,  a stress relief tool that is maintained to have been designed for adults and kids. Apollo is paired with a smartphone app that allows users to choose how they want to feel. The mobile app features seven modes, so users can choose how they want to feel, with customizable settings for the duration and intensity of the experience and the product includes Apollo Neuro stress relief wearable, free access to the Apollo Neuro App (iOS and Android), Micro-USB charging cord, one medium and one large band (fits most adult ankles and wrists), customers can buy children's size and small bands. The app assists customers in clearing their minds, increasing energy, socializing, and focus, as well as achieving deeper meditation states, relaxing, unwinding, and sleeping. Apollo helps customers' bodies naturally enhance their resilience to stress and bounce back faster when they are provoked when used over time. The company alleges that Apollo is a new touch therapy that activates customer's “rest and digest” parasympathetic nerve response and restores body balance as soothing waves of vibration. The product retrains the customer's nervous system to manage stress more efficiently on its own when used regularly. The company claims that when used often, customers can sleep better, be more focused, and feel more balanced over time. Apollo can be worn on the wrist or ankle.

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