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is popularly considered to be the king of sports. Arguably, it has the largest number of fans actively interested and the competitive nature of the sport makes it a very intriguing and exciting venture. The glitz and glamour accompanying big stage competitions like the world cup and top-tier football leagues make fans go ecstatic.

Most exciting is watching individual brilliant players and efficient and compacted teams play. As a football fan, it's always a pleasure to grab a ticket to watch your team play. Livefootballtickets claims to be an online ticket platform to provide you with tickets for your favourite game. Check out the honest reviews of existing fans to make your choice.

About Livefootballtickets

Livefootballtickets asserts it is an online ticket company, which allows people to buy football tickets. The company was established in 2004 in Madrid, Spain and claims it has now become a trustworthy ticket site in Europe, the UK and the US. It has to be a user-friendly site and is perfect for buying secondary tickets due to its simple design.

Channels of contacting Livefootballtickets

Livefootballtickets claims they are always happy to speak with their fans and followers. The Livefootballtickets customer care team can be contacted using their email addresses at or They declare that their office hours are from Monday to Friday, and from 9 am to 5 pm GMT.

Products and Services of Livefootballtickets

Livefootballtickets claims to be very secure and profess that they have one of the top levels of security certificates. By making this remark on their website, it shows that the client's personal information is secure from the start to finish, which can be a concern when buying online. With the high-security measures being established, Livefootballtickets believes that it can put the customer's mind at ease on whether to trust them.

Livefootballtickets claims that the ease of use of their website is straightforward, due to its simplicity in allowing different nationals and ages to use the site. If a client knows what game they want to watch, there is a search bar at the top of the page, allowing them to search for it directly and swiftly. Not only does it allow for football teams to be searched, but it also does cities. For example, if the client is travelling to London for the weekend and would like to attend a match, he can simply type in London and it will show the options that are available in London, allowing the person to see a list of potential games.

Delivery and Refund Policy of Livefootballtickets

Livefootballtickets claims to also guarantee that the customer's tickets will be delivered in time for the game, and if any issues arise with the tickets, they will offer a refund.

Compliments, Complaints or Tips for Livefootballtickets

What team did you get tickets to watch with Livefootballtickets? Were you impressed by their sales of tickets? Was the price fair enough? We would like to gather your experience as they may be useful for other football fans interested in getting Livefootballtickets. What are your honest customer reviews, complaints or tips for Livefootballtickets? Your feedback is important, as it may be necessary to help Livefootballtickets to offer better services.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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