Why Am I Not Losing Weight? – 5 Reasons & Fixes

Losing weight is a common goal among many individuals nowadays. It could be for trivial motives like meeting society's standards or more severe issues like health reasons. It may simply be to achieve your preferred physical appearance. And to accomplish these, people often resort to a diet, a fitness routine or a combination of both. You could also choose to recourse to professional UK companies that offer weight loss consultation. Irrespective of the why or the how you'll want to start seeing results as soon as possible.

However, when your efforts appear ineffective, it usually begs the question, why am I not losing weight? There are several reasons for this, and in this article, we will list the top reasons and how to fix them.

Likely Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight on Diet

Here are some of the most common reasons why you’re not losing weight even when on a diet:

You're Stressed Out

Stress is the harbinger of a lot of harm our bodies experience. It triggers illness, it causes breakouts and hair loss. It can also hamper your weight loss endeavours. High levels of stress hormones like Cortisol can increase feelings of hunger and make you crave unhealthy foods.
Ensure your stress levels are at a minimum by meditating, deep breathing exercises, and cutting back once in a while.

Getting adequate sleep is also paramount to eliminating stress. Several studies have associated lack of sleep to weight gain and obesity. Try to develop a good sleeping habit and avoid taking caffeine late in the day. If you feel you've got a sleeping disorder, you should visit a health practitioner for solutions.

Your Proportions are Off

You probably heard nuts are good dieting foods or that healthy sugars like honey or raw cane sugar are good for you. But are you eating too many nuts? And do you go a little too heavy on the honey? Even nutritional foods can have negative effects when taken in excess. Try sticking to the recommended serving size.
On the other hand, you may be cutting down too much on carbs. While sticking to a low carb diet is advisable, a calorie deficit for a long period of time can slow down your metabolism.

Your Dieting alongside a Home Gym routine

Many people combine a diet plan with a fitness regime at a home gym or a public fitness centre.
You may have already begun losing fat, but if you're gaining muscle weight at the same time, weight scales won't detect any weight loss.
Try using tape measurements instead to check for changes in your waist or thigh circumference. You can also meet a healthcare provider to measure your body fat percentage.

You're Not Exercising Right

Exercise serves as a boost to any weight loss efforts. However, you need to exercise effectively to achieve the desired results.
A mixture of muscle building and cardio exercises is often effective in gaining muscle mass while increasing your metabolic health. Try weightlifting, interval training and low-intensity activities like walking.

You Just Don't Realize It Yet

Sometimes we are too critical of ourselves to the extent that we can't see positive changes taking place within and around us. Maybe you're too self-critical to realize that you've lost a bit of tummy fat or that your thighs are an inch slimmer.
Why not wait a bit longer. With dedication and patience, you'll begin seeing more obvious results.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight When I Exercise and Diet Right?

If you're doing everything right, but you're still not losing weight, then there may be an underlying health issue behind it.
Hypothyroidism is a hormonal condition known to induce weight gain and hinder weight loss. Fluid Retention and depression, and other rare diseases like Cushing's Syndrome can also cause weight gain.
You should endeavour to consult a medical expert to inquire about any such health condition you may have. Apart from your weight loss issues, getting a diagnosis will be beneficial in treating the condition.


The human body is quite fickle. You could start off losing weight quickly, and then the process slows down until you get stuck at a weight loss plateau that seems impossible to breakthrough. You can overcome that stage and get things moving again with the proper steps.

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