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Yoga is an activity that focuses on mental, physical and energetical wellbeing. It uses a series of body positions (called ‘asanas’ or postures) and breathing exercises. Yoga in pregnancy has been shown to reduce women’s anxiety, keep them active, healthy and calm during pregnancy and labour, connect with their baby and avoid or help out with pregnancy complications. Many of the breathing exercises that are taught in yoga are also really helpful when women are giving birth, by helping them cope better with pain and breathe steadily during contractions. Some yoga postures and breathing exercises, though, are not suitable during pregnancy, so it is best to find a yoga teacher who is knowledgable on the subject and who can teach you the right and safe exercises. Read the customer reviews on to find out if clients felt happy and satisfied with Lucy’s classes.


LucyFlow.comis a website founded by Lucy, a mother of two who specializes in pregnancy and childbirth preparation, and wants other women to have an empowering, positive experience during pregnancy and birth. She is a trained fertility yoga teacher, postnatal yoga and ashtanga yoga teacher, and also a hypnobirthing practitioner. She already has experience teaching hundreds of pregnant women at her UK studio and has also designed online courses for anyone who needs to practice from the convenience of their home and especially in current times where safety, social distancing and keeping ourselves calm are essential. Classes will help women’s bodies and organism feel best during that special time, it will prepare the body for birth and it will also offer women a large amount of information on how to prepare for birth with breathing, movement and postures. Courses are tailored for all levels and abilities and are directed at women on their second and third trimesters.

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Lucy Flow’s courses have over 5 hours of content, which you can watch from your phone, tablet, computer or a Smart TV. All classes are designed to be done at home and come with different modalities for each posture so it adapts to the learner’s level and ability. You can watch the classes as many times as you need to and it also comes with additional exercises and content to prepare you for birth. You have three types of subscriptions: a £17 per month access, or a 3 months access for £35 or 6 months access for £47. All subscriptions come with yoga classes, stretch videos, birth preparation and breathing techniques. Members also gain access to The Member’s Hub,’s private community and support group on Facebook with over 2,000 members.

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Are you already familiar with If you have already joined other women in’s classes, please give us your feedback, let us know what you think of her classes, how helpful were they for you and whether you would recommend them to other women going through pregnancy.Your opinion can be very helpful to other women who are hesitating on taking on yoga classes during this delicate time in their lives.