How to not be a dumb tourist.

Going on holiday can be a fantastic thing to do. You work hard all year, and just once, you want to be able to get out of your house, and put your feet up in a nice new culture.

But rather than just being a boring tourist, here are a few things you should do to not just be a boring tourist.

Eat new foods

When most of us go on holiday, we'll eat the same kind of foods that we would eat when we're at home. This is a bad habit that most of us can get into.

But the thing is, you're not just having some time off at home, you're in a whole new culture! Instead of just going for the burgers and fries, why not try some of the foods that the locals would consider to be a traditional meal.

You can have such an adventure trying the new foods that this world has to offer.

Mingle with the locals

In most places, the tourists tend to stick to just one area and spend their whole time there, the only locals they interact with are the hotel staff who are paid to be nice to them.

If you really want to get to know a place, you need to get to know the people who live there. This means leaving your hotel to go into the places where the locals are.

Get talking to them. You might find that they have some cool stories to tell. And they might give you some ideas for how you can spend your holiday.

Go to a concert

We all enjoy listening to some music. And for most of us, going to a concert is something that we really enjoy doing.

But a concert doesn't need to have Beyonce or Kayne West to be enjoyable. A local concert can be just as fun, and exciting as seeing the big artists.

By going to a local concert, you can get more of an idea of what kind of music the locals enjoy listening to. As well as being able to meet some great people.

Entering a new place can always be a bit daunting, but if you're in a fun environment, it can be that little bit easier.

Go to a sporting event

When most of us think of sports games, we tend to think of Soccer or baseball. But across the world, there are so many sports, and a lot of them you're probably not familiar with.

Find out what sports the locals are into, and try to get yourself tickets for a game. Even if you don't become the next #1 fan, you can still learn about a new game, and have fun cheering on whichever team you're supporting.

And some sports games don't even require a ticket. For example, I once went somewhere that had a rubber duck race.

Walk in nature

This planet is a beautiful planet. I don't even care how soppy I'm sounding right now. There are so many beautiful things that mother nature has given to us.

Instead of just going by the pool or the beach, take a walk into the woods, see the swamps, climb the mountains.

By doing this, you can see all sorts of plants and animals that you wouldn't usually get to see. As well as being able to look upon some breathtaking views.

There's not much point in going to a different country if all you're going to do is sit by the pool and eat the meals included in the hotel package.

You want to find out what it's like to live as a local and discover a new side to yourself. And come home as a better person.