Registration of your business and virtual office

The law allows entrepreneurs to choose a business address designated as the registered office of their business. This location will be the reference address for all tax and legal formalities of the company. Sometimes aspiring entrepreneurs think that the cost of virtual office can be very expensive, but this is not the case. The price always often depends on the package of services that you want to receive.

Your company address will appear on all administrative documents issued and used by the organization in carrying out its activities:

  • on letterhead,
  • invoices,
  • charters,
  • tax returns,
  • assets,
  • commercial brochures
  • in official contracts.

Please note that the head office is not necessarily located in the same place where the company operates.

Another important point, the business address determines the very existence of a legal entity in the eyes of the law. Without a registered office address, your company cannot be registered.

Domiciliation and registration of a company are two inseparable steps on the way to starting a business.

Necessary stages of company registration before starting work

Business domiciliation can be done in a variety of ways. Have you decided to locate your business in your own home or commercial premises? In this case, as a rule, no special procedure is required.

You just need to attach proof of your head office address to your creation request. On the other hand, if you choose to use a domiciliation company to host your business, the process will be done entirely online and this domiciliation must be the subject of an agreement between you and the domiciliation agent.

Finally, when registering, you will need to provide a certificate or domicile agreement.

How does online domiciliation work?

With the help of domiciliary companies like Hoxton Mix, you can register your business in just five minutes at a maximum time, enjoying many benefits (mail management, offices, hotline).

We can break the administrative process into 3 steps:

  • Choose the address of residence of your choice among our various prestigious addresses,
  • Choose options according to your needs,
  • Finally, proceed to billing to confirm the enrollment agreement!

Registering your business online and get benefits

As a business owner, there are several domiciliation options available to you. You can locate your company where your manager lives.

This is possible even if the entrepreneur does not carry out his activities in his home. In this case, the place of residence of the director is the administrative and fiscal address of the legal entity. Temporary residence is governed by a five-year contract, this applies in particular to companies that cannot choose the residence of the manager as their registered office.

Indeed, it is possible that the property manager, town planning regulations or the municipality oppose the location of the company in a residential building, or perhaps the company chooses a temporary address in anticipation of the development of its activities within 5 years.

Permanent domicile refers to companies whose head office is in the house of the director of the company or in premises owned by him. If the company is registered at the address of the manager, the only limitation on the duration of domicile is determined by the lease agreement or the rules of ownership.

Domiciliation in commercial premises is also possible. In some cases, the manager has no other choice but to locate his business at the commercial address where he operates.

This provision applies in particular to local businesses that take customers on-site, to repair centers and/or garages, to medical professionals, to carriers, or even to restaurateurs.

If the company is a tenant or occupant, the premises must be covered by a contract duly signed with the owner. It is in this example that you have the option to sign a commercial or professional lease, a precarious tenure agreement, or a derogatory commercial lease. It all depends on the requirements and preferences of each party.

Online domiciliation: collective domiciliation is another option to register a company. It is also possible to host your company in a shared workspace. Several options are available to you, regardless of the legal status of your company or the nature of your business. Here you can choose among:

  • business hotels,
  • incubators,
  • coworking spaces,

These shared spaces provide many benefits. Companies registered in these locations have access to offices that can be used for a week, month, year, or day, you decide.

Meeting rooms are provided, high-speed internet access, and lounge areas are generally available there, not to mention ancillary services offered to resident companies such as conference organization, legal or administrative support, or business network development.

The head office of a domiciled company is often located in a prestigious location, which automatically increases the reputation of persons registered there.

Business registration procedure

The procedure for commercial domiciliation is very simple. A binding written domicile agreement is signed for a period of at least three months and is renewed by tacit agreement unless there is a notice of termination.

In addition to providing a prestigious address, domiciliation companies sometimes provide other services such as mail digitization and forwarding, a hotline, rental of premises, or assistance with tax and legal formalities. As a rule, many individual offers are offered.

Another advantage is that the company can retain its registered office in the domiciled company even if it moves or changes its business premises.

In turn, the registered company is required to use only these offices as its registered office. Commercial domicile, a practical choice but must be contracted according to standards.

Regardless of the size of the company, the law applicable to the domicile agreement remains unchanged. The contract must be on paper and signed by the parties in duplicate so that the resident can have a certificate of domicile.

In order to carry out its activities, the domiciliation company must comply with a number of obligations. First of all, he must provide the permanent person with a room equipped with a clean room and ensure the necessary confidentiality, in particular, to allow regular meetings of the society's bodies.

It must also inform the court clerk of any change or possible termination of residence on its premises, and is also required to provide information on the identity and address of persons residing on its premises every quarter and every year. In case of non-compliance with its obligations, it is subject to a large fine.

By Callan