How to Make the Best Out of Reviews Online

The use of customer endorsements and product reviews might be one of the most effective sales tools you have. Over 70% of customers claim that they read customer reviews of a product before making a purchase, and approximately 63% of customers say that they are more inclined to make a purchase from a website that provides product evaluations and ratings.

Some purchases, doubly, are more important than others. Insurance is one field where you don’t want to get shafted, so it’s important to read reviews and know the difference between a well-reviewed insurance provider and one that sweeps business under the rug.

Social proof helps ease the minds of consumers who are on the fence about making a purchase by providing more context. This cuts down on returns by ensuring customers are happy with their purchases. So let us teach you how to make the best out of online reviews and how to take the most out of them to get great reviews next time round.

Reviews – Why do we need them?

Sometimes, things just seem too good to be true. If you look at an offer on a website, for example, a generous 32Red first deposit bonus for an online casino, you may have your suspicions. In the words of ‘The Real Hustle’, if it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

Despite this, combing through some reviews on a trusted website or even the homepage itself can give you a much better idea. These are real people who tried the product and gave it an endorsement which must be worth something and realized that the casino and bonus are totally legit. Even safety concerns can be dispelled with a few simple words from a worthwhile source.

Review Placement – At the forefront

The use of customer endorsements and product reviews might be one of the most effective sales tools you have. Since so many customers are more inclined to make a purchase based on reviews, why not make it easier to see reviews?

One of the best ways to make reviews more visible is by, naturally, placing them at the forefront of a webpage. This can also have the double effect of providing more options for a customer looking for a product, as you can advertise well-reviewed products throughout your website.

Why we seek answers from others…

Despite attempting to be more and more independent people, unfortunately, the opinions of others often weigh us down. Humans are, after all, social animals that live in packs. If you don’t conform to the pack’s opinion, you have just that little bit more of a chance to be excluded from the rest of the group.

Are you prepared to cultivate a passion for your brand, establish significant social proof, and inspire faith in your company? Here are some suggestions that can assist you in going beyond in terms of product evaluations and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Reach Out to Negative Reviewers

Ignoring these issues will not cause them to disappear. Make an effort to reply to unfavorable reviews, particularly if you believe the reviewer's concern is valid or other clients have written about the same problem. Make the most of this chance to grow your company by gaining knowledge from your customers.

Bad reviews can also be a goldmine of positive PR. If you reply to a negative review with a wholehearted and especially nice answer, addressing the cause and being assertive in your ability to fix their issues, this will be a huge boost to your trustability in the field.

Take Advantage of Social Media Presence

Maintain an active presence on social media channels that are frequented by the kind of customers you want to attract. It's possible that the most popular ones, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or YouTube, are included here.

Visibility - Comments and Social Media

In amongst your other helpful blogs, sprinkle some reviews in there. You never realize when a comment made by one of your satisfied customers may serve as the impetus for another person to sign on as one of your customers.

Maintaining a presence in the minds of your consumers and amplifying good brand equity may be accomplished via the use of engaging social media feeds. This can also be very positive as an advertising move, as many companies hire young new moderators for their social media and gain virality through comedic stunts.

Encourage Reviews - Good and Bad

Although the masses are bound to feel like leaving a review whenever they feel that their service is exceptionally good or bad, you can’t always rely on this. Instead, take it into your own hands to create an environment where reviews are encouraged.

This can be anything from a gentle reminder at the end of a webpage to a literally dedicated article. Making sure that your customers know that reviews are actually valued by the creators of the website is one surefire way to create an environment where people actually want to speak up.

On top of this, make it easy. If you have to fill out a lengthy form or even send an email, this can be a barrier of effort too great for some to surpass. Make leaving a review as easy as clicking a 1-5 star value next to a product. You should put in some basic verification, of course, but don’t overdo it. Remember, customers are just as busy as you are.

Strategy - Take Back Control

The fact of issue is that internet reviews have a direct influence on financial outcomes, regardless of the kind of company being evaluated. It is vital that you exercise control over the information that prospective customers see online concerning you, your organization, and the items that you sell in order to preserve your reputation.

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