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Straight My Teeth

Smiling, without a doubt is good for the health in many ways. A smile that is happiness driven usually lights up the face and crinkles the eyes at the corners. Smiles can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, help heart health and decreases cortisol in the body which in turn boost the immune system. I bet you did not know that there are 19 different types of smiles. But not all smile is happy driven, out of the 19 types of smiles, only 6 of them occur as a result of happiness. The popular smiles are Duchenne Smile, Fear Smile, Miserable Smile, Damp Smile, Embarrassed Smile, Qualifier Smile, Contempt Smile, The Malicious Joy and Fake Smile. Regardless, a smile irrespective of what drove it prompts the brain to produce serotonin and endorphins which causes positive emotions. Our smile plays a huge role in the happiness of our everyday life. It radiates excitement, joy, vitality, confidence and health. But some people are afraid, shy or embarrassed to smile often due to the formation of their teeth. There are ways in which we can achieve our desired teeth shape. There are dentist company that specializes in providing clients with the perfect smile with their products and services. Straight My Teeth is one of those companies you may want to check if you desire a delightful smile. We suggest you read honest customers reviews of Straight My Teeth here before visiting their website.

About Straight My Teeth
Straight My Teeth is a dentist Como registered in Ireland and was founded in 2018. They aim to help clients achieve a straighter, better and whiter smile. The company proclaims that they are approved by MHRA and FDA and that their services take into account the personal budget of individual clients.

Products and Services of Straight My Teeth
Straight My Teeth offers a seven to ten days treatment plan for customers' teeth after which custom aligners can be delivered to them. Clear aligners are transparent orthodontic devices that are a plastic form of dental braces used to adjust teeth into the desired shape. Straight My Teeth has a free scan service where clients can have their tooth checked by the company's smile specialist and experts. They maintain to provide extensive details, tips and information regarding Invisible aligners, clear braces vs wire braces and teeth straightening. Straight My Teeth offers a subscription-based package for their products and services.

Compliments, Complaints and Tips for Straight My Teeth
How would you rate the services offered by Straight My Teeth? Were you able to achieve your desired smile with the company's aligners? How many hours per day did you use the invisible aligners and how painful was it? Were you able to eat solid food like yam or meat during the period you were using the invisible aligners? Do Straight My Teeth have an effective return policy? Describe the experience using their invisible aligners? Which product did you purchase from Straight My Teeth? Did you get to report to them regularly during the aligner's stage? How would you rate chatting with their customer care representative? The feedback you provide us today will play a role tomorrow in the decision of a prospective client.