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In the UK, a lot of households are living their daily lives on a budget, and in this case, they always have to be prepared to save their cash whenever it is possible. It could be through coupons, discount sales, checking for the best grocery deals online, or just reducing their energy bills. To bring down the energy bills, they could either reduce their usage of the electrical appliances that they have got at home, or they would have to change to a much cheaper supplier. Although getting a cheaper supplier than their current energy supplier seems like a good deal, things are never that easy. They are cancellation fees that they would have to pay; and sometimes the energy suppliers that they would change to might start having issues with their energy supply, in which case they would have to start the whole arduous search all over again. And there are also cases when the energy suppliers might have lied about their energy tariff, and could have hidden some of their charges in unsuspecting areas; in which case, the customer would have to manage if they do not want to shoulder a cancellation fee. So, if you want to put such experiences behind you, and leave the process of searching for the best energy deals on the UK market to the professionals, then Switchd might be able to satisfy your desires. You should visit the customer review section of Switchd here to learn more about the company.

About Switchd
Switchd was created by the combined effort of Thomas Rogers, and Llewellyn Kinch. Thomas is an Economics graduate from Durham University, while Llewellyn graduated from Cambridge after studying Material Sciences. These two friends met at Newton Europe, a consultancy firm, where they were implementing big data solutions to save companies millions in cash. But the initiative to create Switchd came about when they heard about the AgeUK scandal and decided to create a solution for it. This service was invented to help their customers stay on the best energy deals by helping them switch their energy supplier.

Services offered by Switchd
Switchd maintains that with their auto-switchingservice, the customer would never have to personally switch their suppliers whenever a good deal comes along— Switchd would handle all of that. They also professed that since they are getting any form of commission from any energy supplier, customers can be assured that they would only get the best possible deals on the market. Customers that intend to sign up with Switchd can do so by providing details about their property, their current energy tariff, as well as other requirements. And from that period, Switchd would start searching for any energy deals that fit the customer’s requirements, and then finally switching the customer to that energy provider when they do so. Since a lot of smart meters lose their functionality when an individual switches their energy provider, Switchd attests that they also provide a similar alternative for their customer on the Switchd dashboard.

Complements, complaints, and tips for Switchd
We would like to get your honest reviews about your experience in using Switchd. If you have got any difficulties that you suffered while using Switchd, share them with us in your feedback. Did you get value for money after giving them a try? We also welcome any tips that you can help Switchd improve the quality of their services.