Why New Year's Day Is The Best Day For Planning Your 2021

Why New Year's Day Is The Best Day For Planning Your 2021

Everyone loves the unique air of excitement and change that comes with New Year's Day. We all celebrate it in our unique way, but it is such a special day that maybe countries partake in the celebrations too. Although no one could predict how restrictive the year 2020 would be, it was welcomed in style by many countries.

Millions of people received 2020 in Copacabana beach, Rio, where Happy New Year fireworks were set off in a colorful display. Paris did not just stop at fireworks; they gave a light show too. Dubai also gave us beautiful fireworks for 2020, while some concerts were being held all over America's united states. Other countries like Kenya, Japan, London, and Spain also celebrated New Year's Day. 

Although the 2021 New Year's Day celebration is looking a little bit bleak, there has never been a better time for the world to bid a year goodbye. Yes, we may have to get a little creative with keeping the celebrations low and not too crowded, but the new year is something to be celebrated. It marks a day where we reflect on all the previous year's happenings and look forward towards the future.

History of the new year

When you delve deep into the Origin of New Year's, you will discover that the first day of January was not always New Year's Day. It was commonly celebrated around mid-march instead. The vernal equinox was an important day that marked a day of equal sunlight and darkness. It was so important that the first new moon after that day was deemed the New Year's Day. This was done 4000 years ago by ancient Babylonians.

The tradition was abolished when Julius Ceaser deemed January 1st as New Year's day; it was meant to improve the Roman calendar. At first, not every country adopted this new change; the British colony adopted this new calendar in 1752. In fact, to this day, China has its own New Year's Day, and some religions like Islam have their calendar. January 1stSo many countries use January 1st that one can't help but accept it as the global New Year's Day.

The first country to celebrate the new year is the Pacific island of tonga at 10 AM GMT. As significant as the countdown to the new year is, some countries experience it before others. Yes, you guessed it, someone may be able to experience the new year in two different countries if you can immediately get an available flight.

New Year Traditions

New year traditions vary all over the world. Some countries go all out during the new year while others like China completely ignore New Year's Day festivities. In Japan, temples ring their bells a total of 108 times to rid themselves of the sins from the previous year; Japanese people also make sure to eat well on New Year's Day, and elders give money to younger people.

Some countries like Dubai have substantial public displays of fireworks. Millions of people celebrate the new year along the beach in Rio. Because of this, lots of tourists travel to Brazil to celebrate their New Year's Day. There is a fascinating new year tradition of swallowing twelve grapes in Spain before the new year; it is believed to bring good luck. The churches mark New Year by ringing the bell 12 times, one for each grape you swallow. Because swallowing a grape isn't something one should attempt with only a second, each bell's chime usually lasts for three seconds.

Many famous New Year’s Eve traditions in the United States are the famous ball drop where an 11-thousand-pound ball is dropped slowly in times square, New York. It will reach the ground at exactly midnight. This tradition is over 100 years old and is physically witnessed by millions of people and virtually witnessed worldwide by at least a billion people. Moreover, there is the New Year's Kiss and the writing of a new year resolution. Although these resolutions don't usually last, it is a great way to start the year.

Why do we celebrate New Year's Day?

What is fascinating about the new year is that it is just a transition from one day to the next; it should not be as memorable as we make it. What makes this very special is that it marks the end of 365 days and also the beginning of another 365, by all means. It is worth celebrating. The New Year's history shows that even thousands of years back, people had similarly strong opinions about celebrating New Year's Day.

There is usually a new year, new me attitude that accompanies the beginning of the new year. It stems from the famous New Year Resolution tradition when you decide to become better for your life's next phase. There are usually actions accompanying the decision, even if it only lasts a few months; there will be a slight change in character with the new year new me caption. This is also a reason to celebrate the new year; we can discover changes that we did not think were possible.

Another reason we celebrate the New Year is for the extra break it gives us to relax. A lot of countries have it as a national holiday. It is challenging to know What store is open on New Year's Day because even store owners decide to take the day off with families and loved ones singing the new year songs—sneaking in a little family time before the busy year starts again.

What to do for New Year's Eve

The new year celebrations usually start on the day before the new year on December 31st in most places. This celebration or activities will usually last past midnight and continue throughout the first day of the new year. It is a fun time for friends and family to gather.

There are a lot of New year eve events that are practiced all over the world; the most popular events include having late-night parties where friends can countdown to the new year together and having family gatherings and feasting where family members gather and go into the new year together, this is more intimate and might not be as wild and crazy as a party. Still, the simplicity might be right for some temperaments.

Some religious Christians might opt for spending the happy New Year's Eve religiously. They will usually go to the church for an overnight vigil to thank God for the previous year and the new year. Because 2020 is a pretty impressive year, some of these ideas might not work because of the health regulations. Here are some ideas to help you make your 2021 new year celebration rock.

How to celebrate the New Year 2021

A good old-fashioned family game night- you might forget to count down to the new year, so you can set the alarm for a minute before the new year then you can all experience the crossover together.

Virtual party- zoom is not only meant for boring meetings; you can dress up like you are going for a real party, then play regular party games over video calls with your friends. This way, you can invite friends from all over the world that would not have been able to attend a real party anyway. Truth or dare? Anyone?

Protip- you can switch up the party idea in many ways, you can make it classy with champagne, or if you're a teenager, it could be a simple pajama party with your best friends.

Virtual prayer session- if 2020 has been an incredibly spiritual year for you, you might want to spend New Year's Eve praying. It might feel better in the congregation; you can invite other people to set up a virtual night prayer.


Over the years, the new year has come to have different meanings for different people. Some people look forward to it because it is an opportunity for change and new beginnings, while others have a blasé attitude towards the new year. Although this year has not been the best, and the new year's festivities may be different from another year due to restrictions. It is also a chance to reflect on the right parts of 2020 and ponder how you can make 2021 more productive.

Festivities for this New Year's Eve will have fewer gust; this doesn't mean that there will be no fun in it. Switch up your indoor countdown and party ideas, decorate the house creatively. Who knows, this may very well be the best and most intimate new year the world will experience. This is also a significant day to make plans for the new year, write out resolutions on a piece of paper. It may not seem like a bold move yet, but it is the first step towards achieving dreams.


Is it a happy New Year or years?

This s when our English lessons come in handy. The apostrophe is used to show possession, so the simple answer to this question is. It is happy New Year's Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's party, and so on as long as it is related to the New Year. When you are specifying the year in general, you can say 'Happy New Year!'.