New year’s eve traditions in united states

New year’s eve traditions in united states

The New year day celebration is arguably the most celebrated in the entire universe. Across America, different people have specific new year traditions they do as they countdown to the new year. While some pop champagnes, others prepare special dishes, and  some hang out with their loved ones. In all, they try to create memorable experiences with the hope and desire of a better year. Check out some of the most popular new year eve traditions you might see in the united states of America.

Eating Hoppin John

For some people, hoppin john dish is just a regular meal but this isn’t so for the inhabitants of the united state of America. This dish is a popular southern dished with peas, pork and rice as necessary ingredients.  The peas symbolically represent coins and it is thought that eating this meal would bring about increased wealth and good luck. The origin of this dish has been traced back to West Africa.

Singing “Auld Lang Syne”

This song was composed by the foremost Scottish poet Robert Burns over 200 years ago. It became associated with the new year eve in 1929 after it was sung by Guy Lombardo and his band.

New year kiss

While a kiss is quite the interlocking of lips between partners, the new year kiss is quite more special than that.  Lovers as a yearly tradition have a new year kiss. This is believed to strengthen relationship bonds. The tradition is also done because it is believed that kissing someone at midnight will prevent loneliness and ward off evil spirits. 

Watching the “ball drop” in times square

This tradition began in 1907 with a 700-pound ball that was slowly lowered from a pole until it reached the ground at exactly 12 midnight. Ever since then, it has been a yearly new year eve tradition for millions of people to gather at the Time’s square in new York city to watch the ball drop. Also, billions of people get to watch it online and join the countdown to be ushered into the new year.

Making new year resolutions

While some people don’t get to achieve a tenth of their new year resolutions,  that doesn’t stop them from making more resolutions for the coming year. People write down what they hope to achieve and within a set time range. They believe making new year resolutions would help them in becoming better and achieving set targets. It Is also practised generally worldwide.

Having champagne with friends

The use of champagnes for new year eve celebrations have spanned more than 3 centuries.  It symbolizes nobility, royalty and aspiration. Being introduced to the United States in the early 20th century, it has become a necessary staple for all new year celebrations nationwide. As you celebrate the new year, pop that champagne and have a nice time with your friends and family. 

To round it up, whether or not you pop the champagne, eat Hoppin john or travel to New York to watch the ball drop, let us all have beautiful memories shared with our lovers and friends. To know more about new year eve and its traditions, kindly check out our other articles.