New year’s eve traditions around the world

New year’s eve traditions around the world

Not unusual, people tend to mark special traditions to celebrate the new year. This tradition varies by geographical location and it is done in expectation of a fruitful year. This article tries to intimate you on several new year traditions you might not have heard of and the reasons and beliefs behind them. Happy reading!

Making a fish dish

On a normal day, people eat fish to derive protein for body growth. Unique, people tend to make a special fish dish and invite friends and loved ones for dinner. They rely on the fact that fishes swim only forward, and eating fishes on new year's eve guarantees a forward movement for the new year.

Wearing white clothing

Wearing white clothing might seem fetish for some people but this isn’t the case in brazil. It’s a common tradition for residents of the country to put on complete white items of clothing on the night of new year eve as they believe it attracts good luck and peace for the coming year

Smashing some dishware

This tradition is most commonly practiced in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries. Residents welcome the new year by hitting old plates and glassware against doors of families and loved ones. they believe this would ward off evil spirits and demons from their household.

Eating  12 grapes

The tradition is most commonly practised by the Spanish nationals. It is customary to eat 12 grapes at each clock stroke by midnight on new year's eve. They believe that grapes symbolize good luck for a month. Eating 12 grapes seems to assure them of an all-around year of good luck and fortune. In bigger cities, people gather and eat their grapes in groups as a sign of unity.

Kissing loved ones

Although this is commonly practiced in the United States, this tradition doesn’t take roots from there. Lovers in all countries have a “new year kiss” at the new year. They hope this would help solidify their bond and guarantee a happily ever after.

Leaping into the new year

This tradition is also commonly practiced in Denmark, people tend to climb on chairs and systematically leap off from them at twelve midnight on new year's day. It Is believed that leaping off guarantees fortune and prosperity. Some others also believe in its power to ward off spirits.

Smashing a peppermint pig

Also commonly practiced in New York in the tradition of smashing peppermint pigs. With a special candy sized hammer. It is usually done in groups and everyone gets to eat a piece as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity in the coming year.

Wearing colored underwear

Well, while some people don't put much thought into the color of their underwear, some residents of countries in Latin America are highly conscious of the color of underwear they put on on new year’s eve night. For example, wearing yellow-colored undies symbolizes good luck, wearing red symbolizes love and relationship while wearing white symbolizes peace and harmony,

Buying lucky charms

This tradition is commonly practiced in Germany and Austria. People purchase special toys, mummified pigs, mushrooms, clovers, etc. these are gifted to loved ones and families to wish them good luck and good fortune for the new year.

In conclusion, you can borrow any of these traditions to celebrate the new year with your family and have a good expectation for the year. To know more about how to celebrate your New Years eve, read this article