How To Celebrate New Year's Eve Without Fireworks

How To Celebrate New Year's Eve Without Fireworks

Looking at the glamorous community of annual gatherings, fireworks New Year's Eve have been the very heartbeat of new year celebration with various people all around the world having a unified resolve to see the way paved for a new year. What better way is worth celebrating the closure of 2020 than to watch some fireworks new years eve celebration.

Bars and restaurants have been a place where most people find solace transitioning into the new year. But these places have been strictly put on hold following the covid-19 guidelines which means you may not end up getting the 2021 celebration you planned for.

For most of the globe, it's quite unfortunate the much-anticipated fireworks New Year's Eve celebration won't take place. Although you cannot watch fireworks for New Year's Eve celebration, there are several other things you could do to make wrapping up 2020 a memorable one.

No Fireworks -- It's The New Year's Queen

If you're in Los Angeles, London, and New York, there's still a very good chance you'll have a wonderful time entering the year 2021 without watching fireworks New Year's Eve celebration.

You can have a good time in the comfort of your home, actively following a broadcast of an online drag race marathon that is hosted by RuPaul's Drag Race personalities in Alaska, Miz Cracker, Peppermint, Katya, and Trixie Mattel.

There are other additional performances to make the broadcast a huge compensation for the absent fireworks on New Year's Eve. The broadcast will last for 11 hours, from the afternoon of December 31 to the early morning hours of the new year.

PS: The new year's queen broadcast will hold from 3 pm on Thursday, December 31 to 2 am, Friday, January 1 ($49-$499). You can have a chance to converse with the queens while the broadcast is on with the VIP package.

After all, who needs fireworks for New Year's Eve when you can just grab a bag of popcorn and get entertained into the new year?

Antique 2021 New Year's Eve Celebration

No fireworks for this New Year's Eve doesn't mean you can enjoy the luxury of an entertaining broadcast. You can stream an online New Year's Eve Event organized by the Oakland experimental world fusion from your home. What's more exciting about the night than watching fireworks for New Year's Eve celebration?

Well, you can stream any of the five categories consisting of live music, dance, several countdowns from different time zones to relief yourself. This New Year's Eve event will stream from 3:300m on Thursday 31 December to 12:30 am on Friday 1 January. The fee ranges from $0 to $50. 

Other Activities For New Year's Eve Celebration

There are several activities taking place around the world which you can easily connect with to celebrate New Year's Eve. Depending on your interest, you are open to enjoy a lot of virtual celebrations. If you have a flair for touching music, you'll appreciate streaming a live concert featuring Don Was, Jay Lane, Jeff Chimenti, Bob Weir, and Greg Leisz as you mark the end of a packed year as 2020. The concert will be streaming live from 7 pm on Thursday, December 31 for just $20.

Since fireworks New Year's Eve won't be in place this year, you can choose to play games, watch an interesting movie, dance into the new year, host a party for your household, and many more. Only ensure you do this according to the coronavirus guidelines. There is a myriad of activities you can actively engage yourself in to make the New Year's Eve celebration an outstanding one.